English Toffee

Grandma used to always have a batch of this candy around, waiting for visitors. After she passed away last year, someone in the family asked me if I wanted to look through her recipe box before they were all thrown away. I jumped at the chance. I found her English toffee recipe filed away, and quickly grabbed it for my own, even though I already had a copy. It may not be a unique recipe, but it is chock full of memories.

1 ½ sticks butter
1 cup sugar
¼ tsp salt
½ tsp vanilla
About ½ a package of chocolate chips
½ cup ground nuts

Melt butter in pan. Add sugar and salt. Cook over med. High heat until medium brown stage is reached (caramel color). Take off heat. Add vanilla. Have cookie sheet ready (I like to line mine with aluminum foil). Pour half of the ground nuts on sheet. Then pour hot candy mixture on cookie sheet. While hot, spread candy out by pressing with back of large spoon until candy is the desired thickness. Sprinkle chocolate chips over hot candy and let them melt. Once they’re softened, spread the chocolate out with a knife or spoon and sprinkle with remaining nuts. Let cool completely, then break into bite-sized pieces. Keep dry.

**Note, quite by accident, my sister and I made toffee with WHITE chocolate. I will be making this again for sure!!
White chocolate version

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